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"Junior" Back End Developer

"Junior" Back End Developer


"I love PHP"
If you said that at least once read more.

We are in telecommunication business and looking for a code talented Back-End Web Developer. You’ll be responsible for managing the interchange of data between the server and the users, as well as integrating front-end elements, first for us and then for our clients. You’ll have the opportunity to show what you know to someone who appreciates it, achieve web development skills and work with some of the greatest brands. You will do your best in the relaxed environment of TGA Group, Romania branch in Bucharest.

More about us here

- Know what we want
- Offer respect
- Rise opportunity
- Have nice environment
- Pay good money

For application and more information send an email at "".
Adaugat de Burr Teo in data de 5 decembrie 2015 la ora 02:14 in categoria Webmasteri


Balazs Ignat a comentat in data de 6 decembrie 2015 la ora 11:07
What do you mean by "Junior"/

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